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ADSURE ® Level 4 Security Bags(High-level Security Closure)

1. With receipt or not
2. Clear or co-extrusion film
3. Tamper evident tape (level 1- level 4)
4. Additional pouches for documents
5. With punch out handle or not

Product Details:

ADSURE ® Level 4 Security Bags(High-level Security Closure)

ADSURE® Level 4 Security Bags are manufactured with co-extruded 3-layer clear or opaque film and offer

tamper-evident security closure.

Our ADSURE® Level 4 Tamper Evident Security Bags will protect your valuable from against from all known

methods of tamper attacks, such as mechanical, thermal and chemical-based tampering. Any attempt to 

open and re-seal the bag will immediately display signs of tampering.

This Level 4 tamper-evident closure offers a high-level of security for Bank Deposit Bags, Security Evidence

Bags, Airport Duty Free Security Bags(STEBs), Tyvek Security Bags , Non-woven Security Bags , Personal

Property Security Bags, Examination Paper Security Bags.

ADSURE® Level 4 Security Bags have high level tamper evident Security Closure for applications where high

security and maximum strength are important like bank, Armored Car Company, Retail Chain Stores.

For customers who do not require customized bags or who need to obtain bags immediately, ADSURE have 

stock security bags in our warehouse, the specifications are as follows:




Features of ADSURE ® Security Bags

1) Tear-proof polythene film, transparent or opaque

2) Multiple Tear-off Receipt(optional)

3) Multiple Barcode and Serial Numbers for Track and Trace

4) Level 4 Middle Tamper Evident Tape Closure

5) Easy to Use Instructions

6) Write-on Information Panel

7) Strong Wide-in-Set, side weld seal with edge printing on both side

8) Dotted Line at the bottom

9)100% Recyclable and Environment Friendly Material

ADSURE ® Security Bags are Ideal for

1)Banking and Financial Institutions

2)Armored Car Company

3)Law Enforcement Agencies like Ministry,Police,Customs,Prison

4)STEB Program for Duty Free Stores & Airlines




Functions of ADSURE ® Security Bags

Ambient:When someone try to open our Adsure Level 2 Security Bags,strong adhesive with hidden 

message“VOID” appears.            

Cold:If someone tries to use Freon instantly freeze the tape to -60F,it will show tampering evidence.                          

Water&Solvent: If someone tries to use water or solvent to get into the bag, the “Tamper –Evident” 

word disappears!         

Heat:If someone tries to use extreme heat to get into the bag, the red “Void” will show up on the tape.

ADSURE® Tamper Evident Security Bags are available in clear and opaque and can be customized to your 

specifications. If need customization, we are also happy to make products to order and help you develop a 

tailor-made solution for your requirements –with infinite possibilities.

If customization is not required, please see our stock bag program.Please share your exact requirements of 

ADSURE ® Level 4 Tamper Evident Security Bags so that we may offer you a fast, no obligationcustom quote.

For inquiry: please send inquiry details to for quotation.



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